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vibratory storage hoppers, parts feeding systems, feeder bowls

High-Low Level Switches

Not Too Much, Not Too Little – Just Right

High-low level switchesHigh-low level switches control the level of parts when you use a hopper to fill a feeder bowl. The switches operate the hopper and preventing it from overfilling the bowl. Your parts feeding system runs for an extended period of time, with minimal operator input.

There are two basic styles of switches. The first is a simple paddle switch that hangs into the feeder bowl. When the parts in the feeder bowl reach a certain level, the hopper shuts off. The second is a noncontact or optical switch. This kind mounts above the feeder and “looks” into the bowl. It never makes contact with the bowl or the parts in the bowl. Since its light parts can’t get  stuck under a paddle, there’s less risk of the hopper and feeder getting mixed signals, and turning off or on inappropriately

We can also add level switches to send an alarm to your operator when the bowl or hopper needs parts added.

Ask your GFI rep about these options.



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